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About Dodgeball meeting...thing

Okay so now that it's pretty obvious that there wasn't going to be a dodgeball game today, if anyone wants to, we can have a game any day next week...since Mitch has completed Summer school we can have it any day of the night right? Anways, we have

Palisades Recreation Center
Mar Vista Park


We also have Brentwood Recreation Center which is on Barrington Avenue going up to Brentwood Village and where the Dog park is at. It's a pretty neat place and has a Gym where you can play dodgeball there. The Tennis courts are also a good place to play as well, but since they have the's going to be hard. UNLESS we go when they close down the Tennis courts and when they take off the nets. The only problem is, the lights go off at like 9 or we have a problem if they take off the nets off at that time.

Well, if we're going to do it at sometime this week, we should plan now and try to spread the word out.

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