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Next Dodgeball Game

We're gonna try and do dodgeball again next Saturday. Instead of me giving out a location, let's all vote and decide on one.

-There's the Palisades Park, where we can play in the gym. No one will be in the gym because it's movie night out on the baseball field. The gym is just a standard basketball court. If there's a lot of players, it could be pretty sweet.

-Mar Vista Park-we can get there early and play on the tennis court, or we could play on the hockey rink. You need to hop a fence to get into it, and its HUGE.

Okay, so it wasnt well planned, and only nine people showed up, but it was still pretty sweet. We played on the hockey rink and it was insanely big, but there was a lot of chasing after balls, so it lasted for a while. It would be a lot more successful if more people showed up, but oh well...

We played about 8 or 9 games until we were all wasted and couldnt go any longer.

For next week's game, we need to be more organized, but let's start planning now!

If anyone has any other suggestions on places to play, post them up.

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