austin (secret_to_start) wrote in socaldodgeball,

word up dodgians!

Hey guys!

My name is Austin and I'm here to represent the Corona Fury Dodgeball Organization.

We are a group of about 20 Dodgeball players (20 and growing) bound together by both love of the sport and the competitive nature that makes us one of the world's best dodgeball organizations.

Although we are based out of Corona, our home courts are in Ontario (at the Pay n Play Raquetball Courts). We will take any challengers or guests who want to play with us.

I personally cannot come to the dodgeball fest this Friday, but I will tell my guys about it and I'm sure you will get a large group from this side of town.

Dodgeball is a great sport people. It can strengthen our bodies and bring us back to happier times. I hope when people think about playing dodgeball, they dont think about winning. Yes, winning is glorious, but its not the true spirit of the game.

The true spirit of dodgeball resides in YOU, the player, bound together with fellow human beings and the essence of the planet itself. When you dodge, the spirit comes into you, making you one with the air itself. As you throw, the strength of the earth comes into your arms. This is what dodgeball is all about.

Dodgeball is the greatest game of all time. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

-Assistant Captain of the Corona Fury
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