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Wednesday, October 13th, 2004
11:24 am
at last I am here!!!!!
Well I guess I am required to fill out the rules and post
Name: Kyle
Age: 19
Why: Dodgeball is the most awesome game in the world. Not to mention the fact that I have been playing with the groun for the last few months.
Sunday, August 15th, 2004
4:19 pm
just reminding everyone that every wednesday night and saturday night at midnight we play dodgeball at the pay n play raquetball courts in ontario.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME! even if youre not the best player, we started having two games, the agressive hard throwing game and the not so rough but fun game! again, EVERYONE is welcome and we'd love to see people there.

its free, but if you would like to donate a dollar for the fund to open up courts, it would be appreciated.
Saturday, August 14th, 2004
9:06 pm
About Dodgeball meeting...thing
Okay so now that it's pretty obvious that there wasn't going to be a dodgeball game today, if anyone wants to, we can have a game any day next week...since Mitch has completed Summer school we can have it any day of the night right? Anways, we have

Palisades Recreation Center
Mar Vista Park


We also have Brentwood Recreation Center which is on Barrington Avenue going up to Brentwood Village and where the Dog park is at. It's a pretty neat place and has a Gym where you can play dodgeball there. The Tennis courts are also a good place to play as well, but since they have the nets...it's going to be hard. UNLESS we go when they close down the Tennis courts and when they take off the nets. The only problem is, the lights go off at like 9 or 10pm...so we have a problem if they take off the nets off at that time.

Well, if we're going to do it at sometime this week, we should plan now and try to spread the word out.


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Thursday, August 12th, 2004
1:42 am
Um, ya...If this things going to happen on Saturday and it's going to be organized then we should plan now.
Sunday, August 8th, 2004
11:28 pm
About Dodgeball

Well, first off we need to have all of the numbers of the people that are going to go to dodgball...Like I mean post their cell phone numbers on this community so then someone can call them and give them information on where it's going to be...Because sometimes some people don't check out the livejournal and go to the wrong place. So that's one thing....



2:41 pm
Next Dodgeball Game
We're gonna try and do dodgeball again next Saturday. Instead of me giving out a location, let's all vote and decide on one.

-There's the Palisades Park, where we can play in the gym. No one will be in the gym because it's movie night out on the baseball field. The gym is just a standard basketball court. If there's a lot of players, it could be pretty sweet.

-Mar Vista Park-we can get there early and play on the tennis court, or we could play on the hockey rink. You need to hop a fence to get into it, and its HUGE.

dodgeball last fridayCollapse )

If anyone has any other suggestions on places to play, post them up.


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Friday, August 6th, 2004
10:35 am
Sorry for the delay on the details for tonight's game. There was a problem in finding a place to play.

Mar Vista Park
Location: Palms and McLaughlin in Mar Vista, CA 90066
Time: 8PM-until lights on tennis court go out (10ish)

Call me TODAY if you are going to go, and how many people you plan on bringing with you. Also, when you call, tell me if you can bring balls or not.

I hope to see some of you guys here tonight! We're playing on the tennis courts, so meet there at 8. If not enough people show up/not enough balls, we will postpone our game until further notice.

(310) 562-4446

See you at DODGEBALL!!

Thursday, August 5th, 2004
12:57 pm
alright guys, since we have no site/forums yet, me and my staff over at redlightreaction.com have created a dodgeball forum (among the many other forums). you can reach it BY CLICKING HERE.

also, last night we played a 10 on 10 game in a raquetball court and it was pretty freakin sweet....
Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
3:38 pm
tried out a logo idea...

check it out hereCollapse )
2:18 pm
Meet Moderator Austin
secret_to_start has been added as a moderator of this community. Read his most recent post on becoming a better dodgeball player.

Details on Friday's game soon to come....

12:55 pm
you know, this community and the website that will soon follow is and will be a great place to get ahold of other dodgeball players and teams in the so cal area. but this place also has potential to be a great source of information and help to the dodgeball player. so i am going to try something out here. below you will find a lesson on a specific part of dodgeball. the point of this lesson is to point out some things that can change your game for the better.

LESSON #1 - Throwing and Precognitive DodgingCollapse )
Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
1:05 pm
i wanna play dodgeball!!!
12:34 pm
word up dodgians!
Hey guys!

My name is Austin and I'm here to represent the Corona Fury Dodgeball Organization.

We are a group of about 20 Dodgeball players (20 and growing) bound together by both love of the sport and the competitive nature that makes us one of the world's best dodgeball organizations.

Although we are based out of Corona, our home courts are in Ontario (at the Pay n Play Raquetball Courts). We will take any challengers or guests who want to play with us.

I personally cannot come to the dodgeball fest this Friday, but I will tell my guys about it and I'm sure you will get a large group from this side of town.

Dodgeball is a great sport people. It can strengthen our bodies and bring us back to happier times. I hope when people think about playing dodgeball, they dont think about winning. Yes, winning is glorious, but its not the true spirit of the game.

The true spirit of dodgeball resides in YOU, the player, bound together with fellow human beings and the essence of the planet itself. When you dodge, the spirit comes into you, making you one with the air itself. As you throw, the strength of the earth comes into your arms. This is what dodgeball is all about.

Dodgeball is the greatest game of all time. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

-Assistant Captain of the Corona Fury
12:37 pm
Okay guys, here's the deal. This Friday, August 6th will be a dodgeball pick up game in the Palisades Park and Rec center. It will be at around 8:30 until 10:30 or so. Here's what you can do to help out:

-Call EVERYONE you know. A huge turn out would be killer.
-Bring something to share! Chips, soda, etc, anything of the like.
-We need some people to bring some balls, if the park decides not to let us. The balls at the park are actual dodgeballs, which are foam. If we want rubber ones, we need to supply our own.
-Also, if anyone has a video camera to tape the event, that'd be pretty sweet too!

If you have any questions or ideas or anything, feel free to call me at (310) 562-4446.

Also, you should reply to this if you are going to come, and how many people you're bringing, and if you're bringing any food or extra stuff.

Until Friday, have fun!


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12:09 am
Doobs, if you need help this Friday with dodgeball at the Palisades, call me at my cell!

Cell: (310)709-3404


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Monday, August 2nd, 2004
8:58 pm
I was actually wondering if there WAS a dodgeball community...Doobs it sounds like you guys kicked some serious ass man! It's good that theres a place for people who like/love dodgeball where they can get into teams and shit...


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8:48 pm
Hey my name is Stephanie (stef) and I used to play Dodgeball in fifth grade and I still do. I like dodgeball because it's a sport that you need to be fast, strong and you can kick ass. Also dodgeball lets me relieve some stress at times. I'm thirteen years old.

AIM Screenname: Sound Life4321
I'm looking to join a team around Brentwood, Palisades, Santa monica or somplace close to those places...So if you have a team there, just comment or IM me!

i joined because I love dodgeball...Even though i've played since i was eleven, I'm not one of the best but i'm very good at dodging balls and I sometimes surprise people by finding away around my players to sneak up on the opponents.

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Sunday, August 1st, 2004
10:02 pm
hello! my name is doc, i'm 17, and i joined because dodgeball was banned at my school and i think that is wrong. i also enjoy playing pick-up games and the like, even though my first game was a couple of days ago. db4lyf!!!!!!

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2:03 pm
hey. my name is ace and i like dodgeball because my friend austin got me into it. im 17. so suck it fuckers.
anyone want to be in my team?
AIM: emoloserpunk18
digits: 3104274373

hit it up kids.
11:37 am


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